Niggles and head games

Hi all it’s really been an up and down last few days. On Wednesday I had a planned 8 km run . It was a really cold and wet Wellington day and I thought I had warmed up enough but about two km into it I felt a sharp pain and pull in my hamstring. The negative aspect of my thinking went into over drive and within 30 seconds I was talking myself into the fact that my half marathon goal was over and I was stupid in thinking I could run again. I allowed myself 20 seconds of self pity and I re evaluated. I knew my hamstring had not frozen up completely so it was not a full tear so I took a breathe stretched my hamstring and refocused. I took a deep breath and decided to try and run again … if it was too sore I would stop and walk back if it wasn’t I would try and work through it. It wasn’t that sore when I restarted so I continued on and finished the 8 km. In the past from here I would not listen to my body and keep pushing on but as soon as I got home I applied some topical pain/muscle relief and had some ibuprofen and wore some compression leggings. Thursday I woke up still a little tender so I did not run and I continued to treat it. It’s Friday as I type this and today I went for a run and after a thorough warm up I banged out 8 km pretty comfortably. Whilst frustrating this issue showed me how important mindset and positive self talk is. I am sure there will be more challenges to face as I get closer to the half but as the quote says ‘through pressure diamonds are formed’

I have a low key weekend planned with an easy 5 km tomorrow (Saturday) day off running on Sunday then a 11 km run planned for Saturday. I am really excited about this half marathon, it would be easy to look past this event at the other things I want to achieve but i want to stay in the moment and enjoy the days leading up to the event and the event itself.

So there we go a quick update of where things are at. Please feel free to send through any questions or comment below. Also please share and subscribe.

Yours in health and running


Happy after a cold and windy 8 km run

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