Post long run update

Hi all. I hope that you have been enjoying reading my updates as I work my way towards a half marathon in November? Hopefully it also has provided some inspiration for you to go out and reach your own personal health and fitness goals?

The last couple of days training wise have on the whole been pretty good. I set myself the challenge of incorporating more hills into my training. I have found myself taking the easier route options but I knew there is going to be a lot of hills in the half marathon that I have signed up for so that means doing more hills in my training.

Sunday was a 7 km run and I mapped out a route with some decent hills in it. To say it was enjoyable would just be lying. Every minute on those hills felt like an eternity not to mention my lungs and legs were burning. The only upside was the down hills. I finished up completing the run still running at under 6 min per km which surprised me. Post run for the rest of the day my legs just felt dead. In fact it felt like the days after my first runs a few months ago. It was fair to say I was a bit worried about the next day which was my planned long run day.  I planned 2 routes for the Monday 11 km run. One was pretty flat and one was hilly. I woke up on Monday after I slept in a bit and my first thought was to do the easy run. Once I warmed up and set off I was surprised how good my legs were feeling so I ended up taking the hillier route instead. This time the hills felt great and it wasn’t until probably the past 1.5 km that I started to struggle a bit. I think this was more to the fact that I had mentally switched off. I still kept my speed at under 6 min per km which I was surprised and happy with.

Mentally I feel in a good space at the moment . People have been great passing on encouragement which is always great. I am really focusing on just the day in front of me rather than thinking too far ahead. What I have found its easier to get down on yourself when you have a bad day. But when you put it into perspective of where you are now compared to when you started you can’t have nothing but positive feelings.

On top of this I am using the head-space app to help with me staying in the moment and I am really focusing on my ‘why’ as motivation to keep pushing forward.

So there we go. Quite a few positives and learning experiences. I think I have a big km training week next week then more of a recovery week or it could be the other way around, I forget but whichever way around it is all it means another week closer to the first of many goals.

Until next time keep working hard towards your goals.

Yours in health


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