Whiskey and macros

Life is always full of choices, what car to drive , what to wear or what to watch married at first sight or keeping up with the kardashians. Health, wellbeing and weight loss is about choices and sacrifice as well. Apart from those genetically gifted individuals most of us can’t just do nothing and eat what and how much we like without negative health ramifications. Yesterday I had planned to have a couple of whiskeys at the end of the day in the sun. We had people around for dinner had a beautiful roast lamb with a cous cous and vegetable salad . I decided after dinner to enjoy my whiskey. I’m not a big pudding guy but when homemade pavlova with whipped cream came out I had to make a choice, pavlova or whiskey? I chose pavlova. Now some would say why not just have both? That’s a good question I could have but also I have my macros I like to follow and I did not have room for both. Also the people that usually would say have both or would have both are most always the same people that complain about not getting results or not loosing weight. These are the people that are not willing to give up some short term enjoyment for long term success. Yesterday I shared on my Instagram page shaun_wiltonpt a post about how we need to stop looking for magical programs and diets plans and how we basically need to look at ourselves in the mirror. The basic upshot is if you want long term health, wellbeing and weight loss success there are certain things you need to focus on .

1. Make sure you are giving 100% to all exercise sessions you perform whether that be yoga, dancing, running or the gym.

2. Make sure you are committed to a healthy nutrition plan 95% of the time.

3. Stop complaining you have no time… there is always ways to find time but at times it may mean sacrificing something.

So for me yesterday my sacrifice was whiskey.. who knows next time it may be the pavlova… but in saying that my wife makes pretty awesome pavlova.

Over the last year or so there has been lots of talk about Intermittent fasting and how it’s the new best thing for health, performance and weight management. Over the last few months I have read many reports/articles about it, some pro some con. Below I thought I would share one of these articles that gives a great review of IF…

happy reading and cheers 🍻


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